onsdag den 27. februar 2013


I had a day off school yesterday.. so me and my boyfriend decided to go to the cinema and watch A Good Day To Die Hard, which I already told you guys about.

The movie was really great - the explosions were awesome!

But the best part was the cuddling of course. It was so nice to sit in the "loveseat" with my head resting on his stomach and his arm around me. I caressed his stomach and he did the same to my arm. We kissed too.

After the movie we walked to the train station. I have never seen so weird trains before. They were yellow! Really yellow.. or at least some of them were. The train we took were grey and really strange. It was way more luxurious than the "normal" S-trains I'm used too.

When we got out of the train his stepfather picked us up. It was really sweet of him, because it's was a cold evening. Not warm at all.

His family is so sweet and they make it very easy to be yourself near them. I like that a lot! And the food was so good! And his dog.. aww.. so sweet! Even the cat was sweet and soft!

After the dinner we went to his room to have some privacy.
He's just as messy as I am. The only difference is that I clean my room before having company. But I really didn't mind at all. All that matters to me is him. I couldn't care less about how his room looks.

We just talked, kissed and cuddled some more. The time flew! And suddenly it was 9:20 pm.. we went downstairs again and drank some hot chocolate while watching some tv.

Around 10:40 pm his stepfather drove me home. I didn't expect that at all. But I was pleasantly surprised!

Alexander walked me all the way to the door and kissed me goodnight.

He really is amazing.

*hugs* Katrine

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