fredag den 15. februar 2013

A bit about love (:

Well.. I guess it's time to write a bit more serious and personal post.

I have been really down for a long time, as you might know. I felt stuck. I felt depressed. It was like I couldn't breathe anymore. But it isn't like that anymore.

My boyfriend.. or my ex boyfriend broke up with me monday last week.. the 4th. I was broken. I thought something was wrong with me. I literally sat on my knees and begged while texting me he had to take me back no matter what. I feel so embarrased now.
I thought it would take me more than a year to get over him.. but all it took was 3 days. It's like I have never loved him. He's just Steffan now. I'm quite indifferent towards him. He can do whatever he want to do, I might get happy for him.. but never jealous or mad.

I'm considering whether to stay his friend or not. I would very much love to have him in my life. It's always a blessing to have someone in your life who knows everything about you - good AND bad.
He's the one person who knows every single one of my demons.

But enough about that.

I'm happy now and it's time to find out who I am again. I want to reunite with Katrine.
I'm free, I can breathe again. I can be myself. Oh man! I feel amazing! I sing and dance all the time. I can't control my heart.

*hugs* Katrine

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