fredag den 15. februar 2013

New glasses for miss four-eyes :)

After 5 years of waiting.. I got new glasses! And no the "5" isn't a typo.

I picked them up from the store this Tuesday, just haven't had time to show you guys. Actually I think I should wait, because I forgot to take a picture of the other pair..
But it's okay, these are my favorite. No doubt. They frame my face so beautifully.

My mom even said this to me: "You have been looking beautiful the last couple of days - or maybe it's just the glasses!" d:

She's always mocking me, so it's big! I feel great with these, so it's really a plus that I see soo much better. I'm still shocked how beautiful the world really is! Hah, I just have a really bad eyesight. 

*hugs* Katrine

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