søndag den 3. februar 2013

Recycling d:

I'm aware of the big problems we have here on the earth with the environment, but that's not really what I want to talk about today. You should recycle you're garbage!

Now to another kind of recycling!
It has been a really long time ago since I could wear my second-day-hair without being embarrased. I tried my new Got2Be Rockin' it Dry Shampoo today, and it is AMAZING! It actually did what it's supposed to do. It removed every sign of grease in my hair.

I'm so happy - yup, i'm happy!
It's such a relief. Now I don't have to worry about going to bed too late so I'm extremely tired the next day because I have to take a shower before I can go to sleep.

You should really try it out. Matas has sale on this product really often!

*hugs* Katrine

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