lørdag den 2. februar 2013

Pumps and nail polish! ♥

Hello my lovely subscribers! <3

My friend Sarah and I were out on a small shopping trip earlier today. We had to buy a birthday present for our other friend, Nicole. She just turned 18, så of course she deserves a proper present!

But I'm so bad with money. Whenever I have them, I have to use them - right away. So I bought two pair of shoes and a really pretty nudeish nail polish.

The lavender pumps is from Føtex, they only cost me 180 kr!

These are my favorites! They are just amazing. The prettiest shoes I have ever seen. The colors isn't right on the pictures, but the lightening sucks. They cost me 280 kr. in Skoringen. They were on sale! :)

This polish only cost me 25 kr. That's insane, because OPI normally cost 125 kr. here in Demark, and I would never pay 125 kr. for en nude nail polish, not even an OPI.

*hugs* Katrine

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