fredag den 22. februar 2013

Thursday ♥

I have been sick since saturday afternoon, but yesterday I actually felt a lot better. Maybe just because my body knew that he was coming to see me. I don't know, but I felt fine.

My stomach was filled with butterflies from the moment I woke up. I couldn't wait to see him again, and yet I was so nervous. I knew there was no reason to be nervous, but I have never been able to control my emotions very well. I feel whatever my heart decides I should feel.

At 14:16 he stepped out of the bus and I felt like the butterflies just mated and got a thousand baby butterflies in my stomach. I was so happy. I bet my smile was as big as it could get.

We got home and took out shoes and jackets off. He grabbed me and kissed me, as we walked up the stairs to my room. Haaah, he's so great! No. He's wonderful.

Kissing. Hugging. Laughing.

Actually.. that's pretty much all we did in the hours we were together.

After he went home I went for a long walk in the dark with music in my ears.. and it just clicked. I love this guy. I really do. He breaks into my thoughts all the time.

I can't believe how lucky I am.

*hugs* Katrine

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