mandag den 25. februar 2013

Why did my day suck?

Of course I had to include a picture of the two things I spend the most time doing today. My phone should be on the picture too, but well.. that's just impossible without looking like a retard with webcam.

I have to admit it. This day sucked. I hated every bit of it. I wish I could have slept through it, but school is too important to stay at home when you aren't sick.

The last two weeks have been so amazing, so it was really disappointing to go to school today and be faced with all that crap. I don't want to go into details because I'm not the kind of person who hang people out on the internet. Not even on a little, unknown blog like mine.
I just won't do it. They might be mean and have big, nasty mouths.. but I'm not like that.

When I got home from school I cried a bit and started reading to think about something else.. in between the pages I was a bit (actually it was quite a lot, but shh) on 9gag.

And then I realize. I'm too easy to hurt. But how am I supposed to change that? I wear my heart and feelings on my skin. Any little thing hurts me deeply. I prefer not to show it. Showing weakness is the biggest weakness of all. Or at least that's how my mind is working.. guess it's all about upbringing.
I didn't have the easiest childhood and that's the mindset i developed.

I wish people would just ask me instead of talking behind by back. But I guess some things just never changes.

I'll open my book and forget about the bad stuff for a little while now..

*hugs* Ktrine

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