søndag den 17. februar 2013

Yesterday was amazing ♥

Okay.. this really lovely guy asked me out for hot chocolate and I said yes. We were both really nervous and decided to meet in Roskilde yesterday at 1 pm.

We met in the bus. At first it were really awkward and we didn't know what to say or do. We just looked at each other and smiled stupidly. We talked a bit.. I don't remember about what.. or I do.. there was this little girl in the bus, she decided she wanted to sit next to us. I told him that kids really aren't my favorite thing.. He likes kids.

Oh and he told me I have beautiful eyes! And so does he. I have never seen green eyes like that before..  wow.. framed with the longest, blackest lashes I have ever seen on a guy. 

One or two stops before it was time for us to get off the bus he kissed me. Haaaah, it was amazing! <3
So we kissed a bit more and got off the bus.

- - - - - - - - - -

We got off the bus at Ro's Torv. But there were nothing there we could do, so he took my hand and we walked to the Vivaldi Café on "Gågaden".
He bought us hot chocolate with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream with chocolate sprinkles on top. He's so sweet!

We were just sitting there, drinking our chocolate and holding hands. He told me the sweetest things and he even fed me with my spoon. I'm sitting here blushing just thinking about it.

So we finished the chocolate and walked back to Ro's Torv to see if there were any good movies in the cinema. There was, but they were only shown around 9 pm.
Instead of the movie we found a free sofa and kissed and hugged. It was great!

After a little while we decided to go for a little walk in the center. It was quick and soon after we were in the sofa again. Continuing from were we left off. Unfortunately the kids were a little bit too curious about what we were doing, so we found another spot that were a little more private.

Or maybe not so private.. it were right where everyone was let out of the cinema. Great. But we didn't bother much. We just stood there and kissed and hugged. Sometimes we sat on the floor. Other times we stood against the wall.

We didn't do anything inappropiate, but this strange woman shouted: "Get a room". It was really embarrasing! I could have dug a whole in the ground and jumped in it..

- - - - - - - - - -

Luckily I didn't and we had a few more great hours to our self before we had to walk to Roskilde Station where his parents picked him up. Every few steps we stopped up to kiss. He was holding his arm around my waist <3 aww..

He kissed me goodbye when his parents came and I stood there alone. Smiling like a fool.

When my bus came I walked in, found a seat.. and were still smiling like a fool.

I am so happy.

*hugs* Katrine

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